Elisa Venditti
Cosmenews – Organo Ufficiale della SEMMC (Società Spagnola di Medicina e Chirurgia Estetica)
Volume ottobre/dicembre 2019 – pp. 17-26


Vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA) is an increasing widespread pathology, regarding some women, due to the extension of the average of the life. VVA determines the atrophy of the small and the large lips, dyspareunia, inflammation, urinary and blood loss. We have examined ten menopausal patients for four years. All the patients observed were affected by alterations described above and we have subjected them to a cycle of 8 sessions of Biodermogenesi® FOEMINA therapy, a treatment based on electroporation and electromagnetic fields. We have observed then the benefits obtained after the first, the fourth, the eighth sessions and three months after the end of the cycle.
The results are definitely encouraging, in fact, significant improvements were evident since the first session of the treatment arriving to the total loss of urinary and blood loss, increasing 240% the vaginal lubrication the substantial regression of the vaginal atrophy and significant attenuation of dyspareunia (-97.62%) and irritation (-92.50%). We strongly believe that Biodermogenesi® FOEMINA treatments can offer and open new therapeutic horizons in the treatment of the VVA, thanks to the absolute lack of side effects and downtime.