To protect its customers and end users, and therefore the users who will benefit from the Biodermogenesi® project, Expo Italia has developed a training program that allows the professional operator to ensure the highest quality in the treatment of Biodermogenesi®. The trainers are highly qualified and most of them are responsible for different teaching programs in different Universities.

To be qualified as Biodermogenesi® Operator, the candidate should follow a formation course, which is the replication of the lesson held in different universities in their Master of Aesthetic Medicine program, and of course should pass the exam of the same lesson. This exam is about the evaluation of the theoretical and manual skills of the each candidate.
In order to guarantee a constant adjournment of the qualified operator, Expo Italia prepared a digital platform EDU.CARE e-learning with lessons in streaming. After the lesson, there is a theory test, which evaluates operator’s knowledge about Biodermogenesi® method. Operator who passes this exam and respects the protocols is qualified as “Biodermogenesi® operator”.
The centers that comply with these high quality standards receive the title of Accredited Biodermogenesi® Center and this title is renewed every year.

The evaluation of imperfection

Researchers of Expo Italia realized different evaluation forms for different esthetic imperfections such as stretch marks, body and breast firming and anti-aging treatments for face and neck. These forms are essential to know the number of the sessions, the duration of the treatment and the best obtainable result for each subject.

Accredited Biodermogenesi® Center

To ensure the best esthetic result to the final clients with Biodermogenesi® method, producer company gives accreditation for whom works in good quality. Choosing an Accredited Biodermogenesi® Center means consulting to trained and conscientious professionals, who is able to ensure maximum performance of the treatment in its entire field of application.

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