Studies and Publications

Download and read the studies that shows the efficacy of Biodermogenesi®.

You will discover the results obtained by independent researchers and Universities, tens of biopsies that guarantees the skin regeneration, the echographies that show the reduction of fibrosis and some of the excellent results obtained with Biodermogenesi®.


Photomedicine and Laser Surgery Volume XX, Number XX, 2016 M. A. Liebert, Inc. Pp. 1–13

Scar Remodeling with the Association of Monopolar Capacitive Radiofrequency, Electric Stimulation, and Negative Pressure
Nicoletti G, Perugini P, Bellino S, Capra P, Malovini A, Jaber O, Tresoldi M, Faga A.

Cosme News - Septiembre/Octubre 2016

Biodermogenesi®: nuevo enfoque regenerativo contra el envejecimiento cutáneo – p. 14/18
Andrea Artigiani, Silvia Cianchi, Simona Laura

Romanian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology

New therapeutic perspectives in the treatment of striae atrophicae – p. 56/59 / Andrea Artigiani , Pierantonio Bacci

hi-tech dermo 2013 n° 5 settembre/ottobre

Trattamento di striae distensae con la Biodermogenesi® – p. 29/36
P.A. Bacci

Cosmetic Surgery Times – Edición Española – 2012 Vol. 3 n° 4

Biodermogénesis®: la solución no invasiva en el tratamiento de las estrías
Andrea Artigiani, Gregorio Cervadoro, Barbara Loggini, Alessandro Paolicchi

La Medicina Estetica 2012 n° 1 gennaio-marzo

Andrea Artigiani, Gregorio Cervadoro, Barbara Loggini, Alessandro Paolicchi
Biodermogenesi®: la soluzione non invasiva nel trattamento delle smagliature – p. 41/49

Advanced Surgical Facial Rejuvenation - A. Erian and M. A. Shiffman Editors - Springer 2012

P.A. Bacci – Bio-lifting and Bio-resurfacing – The Biodermogenesi: 324-326

La Medicina Estetica 2010 n° 4 ottobre-dicembre

Roberta Triola, Emanuele Bartoletti, Carlo Alberto Bartoletti
La Biodermogenesi® applicata al trattamento delle smagliature – p. 543/552

Cellulite – Pathophysiology and treatment – Mitchel P. Goldman, Doris Hexsel

Pier Antonio Bacci – Dermoelectroporation and Biodermogenesi® – p. 147/150

Studies and Research

Dr. Calonzi from Rieti-Italy:

Analysis of the effects of Biodermogenesi® on 15 patients and follow up of the results after 3 years

Prof. P.A. Bacci – Dr. Magra

Biopsy studies of the Biodermogenesi® treatment

Thesis with Biodermogenesi® argument

Further to the publications and studies on Biodermogenesi®, there are different number of thesis discussed both in Universities and in specialization of Aesthetic Medicine.

Among the various publications, the followings were distinguished for the quality of their work.

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