Even in the treatment of scars,
Biodermogenesi® offers you reliable
and clinically tested results!*

*Study conducted in the biennium 2014/2015 by
the Chair of Plastic, Reconstructive and
Aesthetic Surgery, University of Pavia

The post-surgical scars and burn scars are one of the most complex skin disorders to deal with. After a preliminary work, which showed good prospects of results, Biodermogenesi® has been subject to an official study by the Chair of of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of Pavia University.

The preview of the study conducted by the University of Pavia documents how in the treated scars have been achieved considerable aesthetic and functional results.
The scars were leveled with the surrounding skin, the color of the scar became more similar to the intact skin, fibrosis were regressed and the scars are smoother and more elastic to the touch.
At the same time, instrumental analysis showed the formation of new collagen and new elastic fibers, while the roughness of the scars was significantly attenuated.

Also in this case, Biodermogenesi® treatments were found to be pleasant and free of side effects. The Biodermogenesi® protocols for the treatment of post-surgical scars and burn scars will be completed during the first half of 2016.

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