“With this study, for the first time we can confirm a real restructuring of the stretch marks
in the total absence of side effects.
The most important aspect of this treatment is the consistency of the results that lead us to affirm
how they are replicable in any subject as long as respecting
treatment protocols.”

Artigiani, Cervadoro, Loggini, Paolicchi.
Biodermogenesi®: Non-invasive solution for stretch marks treatment
La Medicina Estetica
– 2012/01 – pag. 41/49
Official journal of Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, the International Aesthetic Medicine
School of the International Fatebenefratelli Foundation and the Italian Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

According the study carried out in 2011 by the University of Pisa (*), Biodermogenesi® provides the first real solution against the stretch marks problem: they fill gradually, reduce their evidence to the touch and tan with normal exposure to ultraviolet.
Staff of Pisa University carried out this study by choosing patients with old, white and big stretch marks(old up to 35 years old and up to 12 mm wide), which are very difficult to treat.
All studies performed on Biodermogenesi® have shown that this method is completely free of side effects.

Biodermogenesi® is the only method that has proven to regenerate all types of stretch marks thanks to dozens of biopsies. These biopsies show the excellent reorganization of the basement membrane and the production of new melanocytes, thanks to which stretch marks tan. Furthermore, we can see the reduction of the thickness of the stratum corneum (thanks to which the skin reactivates the normal perspiration) and the synthesis of not-fibrotic new collagen, which is able to give a thickness and elasticity to the skin with stretch marks.
Through these outstanding results, stretch marks are filled averagely by 83, 55% soften to the touch and recover their normal color. Basically,Biodermogenesi® gives new life to your skin!

(*)According to the Academic Ranking of World University in 2011 (the year of publication of the study related to Biodermogenesi®) Pisa University was found to be the most prestigious Italian Athenaeum, on a par with La Sapienza (http://www.shanghairanking.com /ARWU2011.html).
P.A. Bacci – Trattamento di striae distensae con la Biodermogenesi® – hi-tech dermo 2013 n° 5 September/October – p. 29/36

The improvement obtained with Biodermogenesi® in the treatment of stretch marks has remained stable even after more than five years after the end of treatment, as documented by Professor P.A.Bacci with the collaboration of Professor A. Artigiani. A few tens of patients, examined after more than five years since they have had Biodermogenesi® treatment, showed that the regeneration obtained remained stable and, in some cases, further improved.

Why choose Biodermogenesi® ?
Scientific research has shown that:


All patients who subjected themselves to the experimentations have seen tanning of their stretch marks. All biopsies showed the presence of melanocytes inside the furrow of stretch marks.*


Biopsies made on all the patients have documentated ad qincrease in the quality and quantity of collagen and elastin in a way that improve cutaneous turgidity.*


Studies conducted by the School of Dermatology of Pisa University showed a filling of the furrow of the stretch marks averagely at 83,55% (minimum filling 72% – maximum 100%).*

Over 5 years

The follow-up carried out on 30 patients after more than 5 years from the concIusion of Biodermogenesi® treatment have shown that the improvements remain stable over time, without showing any regression.**

(*) La Medicina Estetica – Anno 36 – Gennaio/Marzo 2012 – pp. 41-49 Biodermogenesi®: la soluzione non invasiva nel trattamento delle smagliature – A. Artigiani, G. Cervadoro, B. Loggini, A. Paolicchi.
(**) hi-tech dermo – Anno VIII, Numero 5 – Settembre/Ottobre 2013 – pp. 29-36 Trattamento di striae distensae con la Biodermogenesi® – PA. Bacci.

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