The Mission of the Company: Safety and Quality

The inventor and the sole producer of Biodermogenesi® project, the company Expo Italia S.r.l. has always given importance to the quality and safety of the devices produced. For this reason, Expo Italia promotes all kinds of research on produced devices to create clinical case studies such as to ensure their efficacy and to document the limitations and side effects adequately.
Furthermore, Mr. Maurizio Busoni, the president of Expo Italia S.r.l. and responsible of Biodermogenesi® project, is a speaker in various congresses and talk shows in Italy and abroad, co-operate in different Universities in Master of Esthetic Medicine as a lecturer in Spain and Italy and he collaborated with some Italian Universities as tutors for research projects which are culminating in scientific publications in Italy and abroad.

Company history

Expo Italia was founded in 1995 as a manufacturing company of equipment for aesthetic medicine and professional beauty for third parties. In few years, the company began working with some of the most important brands on the Italian professional beauty market and provided devices with innovative technology to the operators, supported by scientific literature and operating protocols.
At the same time, started a research and experimentation, which allowed Expo Italia to activate prestigious collaborations in Italy and in the World. The first of this was conducted by Professor Raul Pinto from J. F. Kennedy University of Buenos Aires that in 1995 documented the efficacy of U2 Sonic Cell, the first appliance with ultrasounds with radiant plates that is introduced in the professional market from Expo Italia S.r.l.
Over the years, the business of Expo Italia S.r.l. has developed in collaboration with Pisa, Siena, Barcelona, Pavia and Palermo University. Technologies developed and produced by Expo Italia have been distributed in Italy and in several other Countries in the world, including: Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea.


After the publication of the experimentation conducted by University of Pisa, Biodermogenesi® has been selected by the Italian Presidency of Council as one of the most innovatory and technological content among the Italian patents, and has been included in the “Italia degli Innovatori (Innovators of Italy)” project.

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