New anti-aging treatment
that gives to the skin
regeneration of cells

With Biodermogenesi® the skin of face
and neck is more elastic, hydrated and younger looking.




Biodermogenesi® is the first global anti-aging treatment that is able to reduce wrinkles, hydrate and tighten the skin of the face and neck, lift up the features and compact and harmonize profiles. A filler attenuates wrinkles, peeling makes the skin smoother and compact, PDO threads lifts some features of the face, but only Biodermogenesi® is able to offer all these results together during the same session without any collateral effects.
Different from the methods above-mentioned, Biodermogenesi® balance the face and neck skin by increasing the hydration (average 37%) and normalizing the sebum production and pH.

Thanks to Biodermogenesi® with a pleasant and relaxing treatment, it is possible to have a younger looking face and neck in few sessions. Besides the esthetic result, Biodermogenesi® also has a real skin restructuring effect, as demonstrated by scientific research.

A biologically younger face!
Here’s what the scientific research has proved:*

Before the cycle of 8 sessions
+14 %
Excessive sebum production
Excessive pH level
Level of hydration
After the cycle of 8 sessions
+4,5 %
Normalization of sebum production
Normalizzation of pH level
Normalization of hydration
-9,5 %
Reduction of excessive sebum production
Reduction of excessive pH level
Improvement in the level of hydration
A. Artigiani – Evaluation of Biodermogenesi® in the treatments of skin senescence. Study performed on fifteen female patients between the ages of 50 and 71 years.

Thanks to Biodermogenesi® face and neck will have younger, hydrated, elastic and bright skin with a non-invasive treatment.

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