A new therapeutic approach

Biodermogenesi® offers a totally non-invasive new therapeutic approach to the skin regeneration. In fact, this method is not based on the philosophy normally adopted in Aesthetic Medicine of “programmed damage”, which is generated specifically for stimulating reparative skin action, neither infiltration of mechanical filling systems.
The synergy realized by Biodermogenesi® acts by restoring the physiological functions of our skin by activating pumping action of sodium and potassium across the cell membranes, through which the cells and the fibroblast are nourished. In addition to a relevant cell mitosis, favors the regeneration of new collagen and elastin.

This action takes place together with a vacuum-massage system able to stimulate the cutaneous vascularization, increasing the exchange of blood rich with oxygen and nutrients and favoring a fast recovery of the toxins from the cellular metabolism.

The regeneration given by Biodermogenesi® was evidenced also with some biopsies made on twenty years old stretch marks. The biopsy samples were taken at distance of only 48 hours in the course of two Biodermogenesi® sessions. The analysis of the tissue already showed a mild increase in collagen and elastic fibers and an increase of cell mitosis.

Unlike many other methods, Biodermogenesi® has an extremely reliable system of initial evaluation of the imperfection to be treated (stretch marks, body and breast firming, anti-aging treatments). This system allows to know what achievable final result would be obtained, how many sessions are needed and how long time would be needed to complete the treatment.

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