Meet with Biodermogenesi®

Biodermogenesi® is the result of a research started in 2006 by the intuition of a group of researchers from Florence. The objective of this team was to obtain skin regeneration by respecting skin physiology. The first study conducted by Professor Bacci for stretch marks treatment concluded after more than three years.
In March 8 2008, Professor Bacci presented to the press this study made on 2.034 patients, which showed a remarkable improvement in the stretch marks regeneration without any collateral effects. This study, for the first time in medicine history a study demonstrated that white stretch marks can be regenerated.
Later on January 2011, Dermatology School of Pisa University presented another study made on 18 patients with old and white stretch marks and showed the efficacy of Biodermogenesi® with biopsies and echography.

Meanwhile, other researchers have developed protocols, case studies and documentation in body and breast firming, which showed the great capacity of Biodermogenesi® in the improvement of skin elasticity, compactness and harmony in a short time.

Another field of application of Biodermogenesi® is the anti-aging treatment. With few sessions, it is possible to get skin regeneration that makes face and neck immediately more tonic, elastic, hydrated, and consequently the apparent age of the patient.
In 2016, the Department of Plastic Surgery of Pavia University showed the esthetical and functional efficacy of Biodermogenesi® against post-surgical scars and burn scars.
The quality of obtained results and the possibility to replicate these results on every subject without any collateral effects, qualifies Biodermogenesi® an excellence of non-invasive method in skin regeneration.

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