Devices and cosmetic products

Biodermogenesi® is the name of the system, which is about the synergy between devices BI-one® and aKronos and a range of specifically developed cosmetic products.

Reached to the second generation, Bi-one® and aKronos devices are structured with an internal diagnostic system able to monitor the perfect functionality of the entire system second by second, alerting the operator of any anomalies also linked to the incorrect use of the appliance.

aKronos is a newly born device for the face and neck treatment only. It the application of Biodermogenesi® which is becoming more and more popular.

Cosmetic products for home use derive from professional cosmetics,which were used during the experimentation. These cosmetics ensure maximum synergy between the devices Bi-one® and aKronos and ensures the maximum result without side effects and cutaneous hypersensitivity.

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