All you need to know about Biodermogenesi® and the stretchmarks

  • What results do I have to aspect with Biodermogenesi® for stretch marks treatment?

    Thanks to Biodermogenesi® stretch marks are able to gradually regenerate, fill day by day until reaching the same level with the surrounding intact tissue. In addition, the rigid structure of the labrum, which makes the striae evident to the touch, softens and consequently becomes hardly perceivable.

  • Can I get good results even if my stretch marks are old and white?

    Studies conducted by the School of Dermatology of Pisa University, have shown the full regeneration of pearly striae with more than 1 cm. wide, present for over 35 years, so even white and old stretch marks can be regenerated by Biodermogenesi®.

  • Is Biodermogenesi efficacious also on red stretch marks?

    Biodermogenesi® is efficacious also on red stretch marks. You may obtain good and stable results with a treatment program that sometimes is limited to only ten sessions.

  • How can I be sure that Biodermogenesi® really works?

    The effectiveness of this method is now widely documented. Biodermogenesi® is the only non-invasive method that has scientific publications in Italy, in Spain and in The United States that confirm the results. The quality of the results were documented in a study conducted by Professor Bacci on more than 2,000 patients monitored for more than 2 years. Furthermore, there is another official study conducted by the School of Dermatology of Pisa University. These studies confirmed that Biodermogenesi® is the only method that has proven its effectiveness with dozens of biopsies performed on old stretch marks from 7 to 35 years that demonstrate the perfect regeneration of the stretch marks.

  • How many sessions are needed to regenerate my stretch marks?

    Before to begin your treatment with Biodermogenesi®, professionals working in an accredited Biodermogenesi® center will prepare a personalized program with the help of the Stretch marks evaluation form. Thanks to this preliminary assessment, you will be informed about the number of sessions required to achieve a good result and the duration of the complete cycle of sessions in order to achieve maximum regeneration of your stretch marks. Average expected number of sessions generally starts from 15 to 20 applications to be carried out at regular intervals of 2, 3 per week.

All you need to know about the opportunity to tan your stretch marks

  • Can I sunbath after Biodermogenesi® treatments?

    Absolutely Yes! Unlike the other methods proposed for the treatment of striae, Biodermogenesi® encourages the production of neo-melanogenesis in stretch marks. This means that with regular exposure to the sun or to sun lamps, stretch marks produce new melanocytes and consequently even the furrow of the imperfection tans perfectly. In this case, remember that the skin with stretch marks is so sensitive and delicate as a child’s skin therefore requires an adequate protection.

  • How soon will my stretch marks tan like a healthy skin?

    As long as making Biodermogenesi® treatment in accordance with the protocols, from the fifth session you can begin to see the tanning of stretch marks.
    The regenerated skin, like in the case of small abrasions or scars, right after the first exposure to the sun generally tends to become more red and tan with less intensity respect to the surrounding skin tissue.
    As it occurs spontaneously with small superficial acne scars, also in the case of  Biodermogenesi® treatments, you get a the regeneration of the stretchmarks that get a lighter color  respect to the healthy skin. However once the skin lose the tanning color, stretch marks and  the skin appear very similar in color until  they become completely uniform  after the second, third cycle of sun exposure.
    From that time, the skin will be perfectly harmonious.

  • What should I do to get the maximum tanning of stretch marks?

    If you wish to see you stretch marks with the same color of the healthy tissue, you should respect the following simple indications:

    1. Progressively skin with stretch marks lose the ability to tan; when you do treatments with Biodermogenesi®, for many years your stretch marks for many years didn’t tan so they are poor of melanin, which is an element normally present in our skin and stimulated by UV.
      With your first series of solar exposures, you will stimulate your striae, which will begin to produce enough melanin to see the furrows progressively have the erythema and then a mild level of tanning, which will be considerably lower than the surrounding skin.
      At this point, you will need to wait and lose the previous tan; you will see that your stretch marks will have a color much more similar to the surrounding tissue. In the next serious of sun exposure, you will notice that stretch marks will tan even more respect to the previous tanning cycle, some of the will be uniform with the surrounding tissue and some other will be very similar.

    With the subsequent returning to normal color, stretch marks will be uniformed chromatically with intact skin.

    • Tanning takes place with exposure to ultraviolet rays, which must reach with similar dose to all treated stretch marks. If you have stretch marks on your legs including internal thighs, remember that you will see the frontal part more tanned respect to inner thighs where the sun rays arrive with less quantity.
      If you wish to uniform the result in these cases, initially we recommend you to do sun lamps.


  • Tanning ability of the stretch marks is definitive?

    Verifications carried out up to six years after the treatments showed that stretch marks have definitely regained the power to get tan like the intact skin.

  • I have stretch marks and I want to make Biodermogenesi® treatments but I don’t want to expose to sun. How can I verify the regeneration of my stretchmarks?

    If you want to regenerate your stretch marks but you don’t want to espose yourself to sun, you should know that your stretch marks will progressively fill but will have lighter color than the surrounding intact skin and then still will be visible. Therefore, when you touch you won’t feel your stretchmarks but you will still see the color difference between the stretchmarks and the healthy skin tissue. For this case, a procedure shows the regeneration of your stretchmarks after the treatment program. It is about the verification of the filling of stretchmarks. For this, your operator before starting the treatment program must choose three stretchmarks of yours (one very wide, one medium sized and one small). Together with the operator, outline the edges of your stretch marks evident to the touch using a cosmetic pencil before the first session, the session in the middle of the treatment program and after the last scheduled session.
    After highlighting these stretchmarks, your operator should measure with the help of photomarker sheet and write on the stretchmarks evaluation form the dimensions of the same.
    Although stretch marks will have lighter color than the surrounding skin, it will be easy to see the reduction of the extension of the imperfection to the touch, demonstrating the real regeneration of the treated tissue.

All you need to know about Biodermogenesi® for body and breast firming

  • Why Biodermogenesi® is able to tone body and breasts?

    Experimentation made with Biodermogenesi® produced different numbers of biopsies. These biopsies show a strong multiplication of the elastic fibers on the treatment area and consequently stimulates the connective tissue that improves the quality of our skin by making it turgid and compact.

  • How many sessions are needed to obtain tonic body and breasts?

    Before startion Biodermogenesi® treatments, the professionals of the accredited centers will make you a personalized treatment program with the help of treatment evaluation forms. Thanks to this preliminary evaluation, they may inform you about the duration of the treatment program and the number of sessions you need to have in order to obtain a good result. Generally, the number of sessions vary between 10 to 20 with a cadence of 2, 3 times per week.
    In the Body and Breast Firming Evaluation Form you will find also the indications about the maintenance program, with, which you can stabilize the the obtained firming.

  • Can I have firming treatments in more body areas?

    Like in the stretch marks treatment the best results are obtain by working on a specific body area for example breasts, gluteus, abdomen, thighs. Making treatments contemporaneously on more body areas reduces drastically the result.

  • Are there any limitations to the treatment?

    There are no specific limitations to the treatments unless the generic ones for which you cannot submit to any kind of stimulation. From the point of view of the result, it is not good to work when the skin tissue is completely empty and has a significant ptosis, which requires surgery (brachioplasty, abdominoplasty, ecc.).

  • Can I do the treatments with the presence of breast implants?

    Only if the implants are of aesthetic nature and have not been implanted because of interventions or cancer therapy and in any case depending on a specific clinical situation. In any case, Biodermogenesi® does not interact with the prosthesis.

All you need to know about Biodermogenesi® for Body treatments

  • How are the body treatments executed?

    Biodermogenesi® body treatments both for stretch marks and firming, are performed with four distinct working phases. We start with a soft peeling, which is made with the help of an abrasive sponge attached to a handpiece that produces vacuum. This passage permits the skin transpiration. Right after we do an electrostimulation at a low intensity, which is necessary to absorb cosmetic product that is necessary for the nourishment of our skin. The third phase is absolutely the most important phase: ACTIVE. With this passage, we obtain the regeneration of the skin, increase of the cellular mitosis and the production of new collagen and elastin. We finish the treatment with the last phase, which we make an electrostimulation in order to restore the hydrolipidic film and the optimal pH value for our skin.

  • How long does it take to do a body treatment (stretch marks and firming)?

    Both for stretchmarks and for firming treatments, a session of Biodermogenesi takes about 40-45 minutes including the preparation of the patient and the operator and taking before, and after photos.

  • Are there any cosmetic products to use during Biodermogenesi® treatments?

    During Biodermogenesi® treatments, operators use specifically formulated professional cosmetic products. These cosmetic products are utilized since from the first experimentations on Biodermogenesi®. They were utilized also during the studies conducted by Pavia and Pisa University. Our professional cosmetic products work with areal synergy with Bi-one® device, without causing any collateral effects.
    When you ask Biodermogenesi® treatment, you should pretend that your beauty expert uses original Biodermogenesi® cosmetic products, because they are the only products that guarantee the best result with safety.
    In some cases, your beauty expert may recommend you to use Biodermogenesi® cosmetic products for home use, which are necessary to favor a faster reaction by the part of your skin.

  • Can I have other treatments after Biodermogenesi® treatments?

    After the session, Biodermogenesi® enables serious number of positive reactions, thanks to which the skin continues to regenerate itself. If in the following hours you do any kind of treatments, probably you would interrupt this regeneration and limit the yield of Biodermogenesi®. For this reason, you shouldn’t have any kind esthetic and medical esthetic applications after the Biodermogenesi® treatments.

  • What kind of limitations are expected right after Biodermogenesi® treatment?

    There are no limitations to take in consideration right after the Biodermogenesi® treatments. You can take sun, wear stretch clothes, make sports etc. We do not recommend taking cold shower in the following two hours after the treatment session. This is not because it may cause collateral effects but the cold water in contact with the skin may reduce the yield of the treatment.

  • Can I have body treatments once a week?

    For stretchmarks treatment, you should have make at least 2, 3 sessions per week as indicated in protocols. If you do not respect this treatment program, you would get a minor quality of result. Therefore, if you do not have the possibility to make the sessions regularly, then it is better not to start a Biodermogenesi® treatment program for stretchmarks treatment.
    For body and breast firming, two sessions per week are necessary. For breast treatment, you must absolutely respect the sessions, while for other parts of the body you may also make once a week.

  • Is Biodermogenesi® a painful treatment?

    Biodermogenesi® treatment is generally very pleasant and relaxing. In some cases, when there is an important cellulites problem in the treatment area, first minutes of the initial sessions may be annoying for the patient. The treatment must not be painful for any reason.

  • Is it possible to make Biodermogenesi® treatments in every part of body?

    Biodermogenesi® has specific protocols that permit to obtain optimum results in absolute safety. From our experience, we realized how the treatment could be made in any part of the body except on nipples, axilla, eyes, ears and genitals.

  • Can I have the treatment contemporaneously on more than one part of the body?

    As the yield of the treatment would be reduced and the patient may be unsatisfied by results, it is not good to work on more areas at the same time.
    Treatable areas of the body are listed on the evaluation form. The professionals that offer Biodermogenesi® treatment fill this form previously.

  • Is it possible to make treatments during pregnancy?

    Absolutely not. Furthermore, pregnancy generally causes the onset of stretchmarks and therefore it would be not worthy to treat stretchmarks as in the treatment area may present new ones during the treatment course.

  • Can I make treatments during breastfeeding?

    No, during the breastfeeding period it is not possible to make Biodermogenesi® treatments even in different body areas than breasts. We registered that during breastfeeding the regenerative ability of the skin tissue is very low, moreover, breastfeeding itself may cause the onset of new stretchmarks.

  • In which Biodermogenesi® sessions photographic verification of the results should be made?

    In order to be sure that obtained results are in the same line with Biodermogenesi® standards, operator should take a series of photos of the treatment area.
    Of course, these shots should be made before starting treatment program and they should be repeated before and after the third, fifth, tenth, fifteenth and twentieth session, depending on the number of sessions indicated on the evaluation form.

All you need to know about Biodermogenesi® for anti-aging treatment

  • How is face and neck treatment carried out?

    Biodermogenesi® face and neck treatment is divided in two phases. The first phase is about a light electrostimulation, which permits to absorb specific cosmetic products formulated with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and precursors of amino acids in order to give nourishment to the skin. Then the treatment is completed with ACTIVE phase. This is the phase of skin regeneration: we obtain the increase of cell mitosis, the new production of collagen and elastin, but also increase in the hydration and normalization of sebum and pH value.

  • How long time is needed for face and neck treatment?

    One Biodermogenesi® session of face and neck treatment takes circa 30 minutes including the time for patient’s preparation and before and after photos. The time may vary slightly depending on the specific necessity of the skin tissue to be treated. Furthermore, generally first sessions may need some more minutes then the following ones.

  • How many sessions are required to obtain a hydrated and a younger looking face?

    Before starting to have your Biodermogenesi® treatment, with the help of evaluation form, your beauty expert will make you a personalized treatment program. Thanks to this preliminary evaluation, she/he can inform you the duration of treatment program and number of sessions needed for you in order to obtain a firmed, hydrated and younger looking face and neck.
    Averagely 4 to 6 applications are expected to be performed with the intervals of 1 or 2 per week.

  • Are there any cosmetic products to utilize during Biodermogenesi® face and neck treatments?

    In the course of Biodermogenesi® treatments, it is expected the use of specially formulated professional cosmetic products to achieve a real synergy with the appliance Bi-one®. These products do not cause any kind of side effects.
    When you do Biodermogenesi® treatments, you should pretend that operator uses original Biodermogenesi® cosmetic products. Because they are the only products used during the examinations of the method and guarantees the best result without causing any side effects.

  • Can I ask other face and neck treatments after a Biodermogenesi® session?

    During a session, there are series of positive reactions activated by Biodermogenesi®, thanks to which the skin continues to regenerate also after the treatment. If you ask to have other treatments immediately after or in the following hours after the treatment, you interrupt these benefits obtained during the treatment and reduce the yield of the treatment. For this reason, you should not ask any other kind of aesthetic or medical aesthetic applications, even a manual massage with/without cosmetics or application of a mask.

Other information you need to know about Biodermogenesi®

  • Are there any limitations or contraindications for the treatment?

    There are not specific contraindications for Biodermogenesi® treatment. In any case, your beauty expert of a Biodermogenesi® accredited center informs you about the contraindications and limitations listed on the evaluation form. This form is filled before starting the first session.
    If recently you have hormonal alterations, we recommend you to postpone the stretchmarks treatment until the normalization of the same. This is not because Biodermogenesi® may determine side effects but rather the result may be potentially less than the standards of Biodermogenesi®.

  • Is Biodermogenesi® a safe treatment?

    Studies made on Biodermogenesi® did not evidenced any side effects. Further to the tests effected by the producer company, the work of Prof. Bacci, which documented more than 25000 sessions without any side effects. This result is also confirmed with the study carried out by Pisa University and evidenced the absolute safety of the treatment.
    The same aspect was confirmed also by the study developed by Pavia University in the treatment of burn scars and post-surgical scars.

  • Is it possible to try Biodermogenesi® treatment?

    If you wish to try the treatment and verify the effectiveness of Biodermogenesi, you may consult to an accredited Biodermogenesi® center and make a first treatment session. At the end of the treatment, in the light of the results, you may evaluate the performance of Biodermogenesi® and may decide if you want to make a treatment program or not.
    The quality of Biodermogenesi® method and the professionality of accredited Biodermogenesi® centers are at your disposal to permit you to try this exceptional treatment. Only if you will be satisfied from the difference, which you will see right after the treatment and from our professionality, you may decide to start to make the treatment program that will be recommended from the beauty expert of one of the Biodermogenesi® accredited beauty centers.

  • Are there different devices for the doctors and for the beauticians that work with Biodermogenesi® system?

    There are three different versions of devices that work with Biodermogenesi® system: Bi-one®, Bi-one® Medical Device and aKronos. aKronos is a device for face and neck treatments and both doctors and beauticians can use this device. Bi-one® is the device for stretch marks treatment, body and breast firming and anti-aging treatments and this device can be utilized by doctors and beauticians.
    Bi-one® Medical Device is instead has all the functions of Bi-one®, and it has a specific program for the treatment of post-surgical scars and burn scars. Only doctors can utilize this device.

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